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Customers' Reviews

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Name: Breigh
Product: Body Lotions
Review: I’ve reviewed lunableu’s sugar scrub a few months ago, but I felt compelled to post another review for the lotions that I received today, the Shea Luxe Lotion type.

As with the scrub, the Birthday Cake scent is literally mouthwatering and not faux/cheap vanilla, but I can detect separate notes – both the light sugary cake and the almost milky sweet buttercream icing. It’s also a wearable scent, not too childish in over-the-top sweetness – in fact, when it dries down on me (and it will react with everyone’s body chemistry differently), it smells like pure vanilla extract and angel food cake! On a friend it dried down to almost like vanilla mixed with pink sugar and marshmallows. :)
It’s one of those universally flattering scents for those who love desserts/sweets (or those trying to live vicariously on diets!)

As for the lotion formulation – it’s a bit thinner than expected, but not overly watery. It doesn’t take long to dry, which is convenient for me as I can slather it on in the morning and can get dressed right away, unlike previous greasy experiences I’ve had with body butters and organic oils. The fragrance doesn’t seem to bother my super-sensitive skin which is otherwise suffering from eczema and keratosis pilaris. I love the skin-nourishing ingredients such as honey, jojoba extract, vitamin E, and cocoa butter. It’s great to know I can use more natural/healthy lotions without having to sacrifice smelling nice. :)

I was happily surprised by the free gifts as well – mind you, these are deluxe samples/gifts, not scant samples of perfume or moisturizers on peel-off cards or miniscule plastic jars that some places give out at checkout – lunableu almost seems to tailor them to me every time!  With this order I received a generous pink bottle of Let Them Eat Cake! Plush Lotion (a lovely freshly-frosted cake-y scent, emphasis on the cake tone) and a cute opaque jar of Sugar Fairy Plush Lotion (think clean and aromatically fruity with slight hints of vanilla and licorice)!

I am naturally skeptical before I write these reviews, as I have sampled one too many lotions/body products that have caused adverse reactions with my skin and/or smelled nauseatingly like dirt, play dough, or plastic after I rubbed it in. These products are reasonably priced and of exceptional quality. They are also sensibly sized (I bought the 4oz bottles, the samples I have are 1-2 oz apiece) so I can throw one in my purse and won’t worry about it getting messy or breaking while I’m running off to work or class!

I really hope everyone is as satisfied as I am with lunableu. :)

Name: Breigh
Product: Birthday Cake Bath Scrub
Review: The products I received were worth the wait! =) The scrub is of excellent quality, being both gentle and effective, making my otherwise severely dry skin almost baby soft! The Birthday Cake scent is one of the more authentic and delectable of its kind – I’ve had my share of cake scents that would turn rancid-smelling and almost play dough-like once they came into contact with the skin, but this does not and I love that aspect! The free gift was also generous and sweet - definitely true to its scent name, Pink Marshmallow Fluff Cake. Thank you lunableu!


Name: ReName: Susan

Date: 1/17/11

Product: Cotton Candy Twist in Plush Lotion

Review: The most wonderful mix of cotton candy and strawberry ever!!  I love it and I will purchase it again...soon.

Date: 1/13/2011

Product: EDP Roll On-Angel

Review: I love love love this scent and regardless of what ever I order..This will always be my favorite scent in a roll on. Everytime I wear it I get compliments and love that all of your products are long lasting.

Name: Nikki M.

Date: 12/30/2010

Product: Marshmallow Frosting

Review: I love the variety and quality of these products. There are only a handful of comparable products that are still made to the customers' specifications.  It is because of her customer service and the wonderful variety of scents that I will continue to patronize lunableu.

Name: antoinette tortorella

Date 12/16/2010

Product: Silky Body Mist

Review: These body mists are exquisite.  They come beautifully wrapped and spray on so fresh and heavenly.  I have many scents but my favorites are Got Milk? and Marshmallow Sugar Fluff.  Anytime I wear my mists, I am guaranteed to get compliments.  I feel like I have a "hidden secret" with your products because no one ever smells like I do  :)

Name: Beth N.

Date 11/03/2010

Product: Marshmallow Body Frosting

Review: I just received my order, and I just love the Marshmallow Body Frosting!!!  I ordered it in Let Them Eat Cake!, and I swear it looks exactly like Marshmallow frosting!  I could put it on a cake and just eat it up :0).  YUM.
Let Them Eat Cake! is by far my favorite scent right now....although I really like Birthday Cake and Toasted Marshmallow, too.  I placed an order for this in Marshmallow Sugar Fluff, and I can't wait to get it!  I highly recommend this Marshmallow Body  Frosting :0)

Name: Laurie

Date 10/20/2010

Product: Tart Sampler&Trick or Treat Bags

Review: Wonderful order! My generously scented products will surely put me in the mood for fall. The Trick or Treat bags are a good value. And the Halloween Tart sampler with it's charmingly spooky labels on each one is generously scented as well. Thank You!

Name: Amy

Date added 10/06/2010

Received my halloween bag....I have ordered a few halloween bags from different etailers and yours blows them away!  I was so impressed with my order that I went and ordered another halloween bag:)
Thanks for making such wonderful products and sharing them with us all!

Name: Beth

Date added 09/23/2010

Product: Goatsmilk Cream

Review: In a word, FANTASTIC!!!
I ordered the Wedding Cake and Birthday Cake scent, and they smell exactly like the real thing!  I don't know how lunableu does it, but I'm amazed.  I'm already ordering more, and I just got my first order in today.  LOVE these products :)

Name: Alison

Date added 09/18/2010
Product: Shea Skin Glow
Review: The Shea Skin Glow is absolutely incredible! I have very sensitive skin and have been searching for years to find something that moisturizes without causing my skin to break out or itch.  The Shea Skin Glow not only moisturizes without irritating my skin, but soothes the redness away.  It also smells divine and the scent lasts all day.

Name: Shari Hill

Date added:09/17/2010

Product: Foaming Sugar Scrub

Review: I absolutely love the Pomegranate Champagne Foaming Sugar Scrub I received! It smells delicious and feels great on my skin! I will definitely purchase this product again! Thank you LunaBleu!

Name: Kimber Rice

Date added: 09/14/2010
Product: EDP Roll-On's
Review: Lunableu, is by far, the best perfume creator I've come across in a long time.  Not only do they have fantastic communication, but the scents are simply wonderful!  They last longer than any high end, hyped-up fragrances on the market today and the price is unbeatable.  I don't think I'll go anywhere else but to Lunableu when I'm in need of a one-of-a-kind fragrance.  I will continue to get the roll-on's because these little guys are amazing!  I have yet to get a scent that I don't like.  Keep'em coming and thanks for being one of the finest perfume magicians out there :)

Name: Andrea

Date added: 09/10/2010

Product: Dry Oil Mist.

Review: I bought the dry oil mist in Vanilla Lust, not only is the last power incredible, the scent is amazing. I have the original  which I won on ebay for an exorbitant price and was kicking myself after. Luna's dupe is incredible and better than the original, I have received so many compliments from strangers and friends alike !

Name: Jayna Ferris

Product:Cupcake Cuties Review: Lunableu Cupcake Cuties are handsdown the best tarts I've ever laid my hands on! These things are INCREDIBLE.

The scent "throw" is crazy.. I can smell these throughout my entire house when they're melting and for hours after they've hardened up again.. and I only use 1/4 of a tart at a time!

I highly recommend these to anybody.. the scents are just tooooo good to pass up! The most mouthwatering aromas I've ever experienced!

EDP Roll On

Name: Lizz Doptis

Date Added: Monday 13 August, 2007

Absolutely the best scents - and the roll.ons last forever!!! a few little dabs in strategic spots, and you're good for the whole day! watch as you walk by people...they'll be sniffing !!!

EDP Perfume Roll-on
Sharon Lewis
Date Added: Tuesday 06 September, 2005
The perfume roll-ons are awesome!!! I love the convenience of carrying them in my purse. The perfume is very strong but not overpowering and long-lasting. I ordered Starwberry Creme Noel, Caramel Sensations, Lemon Souffle and Vanille Mohka. Also I received in a perfume roll-on as a free gift Couer da Vahine. I love every scent I received in this order. Way to go Luna!!!!!!!!!

Dry Oil Mist Perfume
mollie smith
Date Added: Tuesday 17 May, 2005
Lunableu sent me this in Lait Surce and has tremendous lasting power. Also the Lait Surce scent is just perfect. Love the blue bottle too.

Dry Oil Mist Perfume
Regina Bergen
Date Added: Saturday 14 May, 2005
Lunableu sent me this in funnel cakes, knowing it's my favorite scent. It's an incredible product- not too fine a mist or too powerful a spray. The scent is perfect in terms onf intensity, not overpowering, but not too light either! I'll definitely be ordering more. Great again!

Dry Oil Mist Perfume
Regina Bergen
Date Added: Saturday 14 May, 2005
Lunableu sent me this in funnel cakes, knowing it's my favorite, and I LOVE it! It's powerful in scent, yet not overpowering and it sprays out in the perfect amount (not too fine a mist, or too powerful a spray). I love it and I'll be ordering more!

Dry Oil Mist Perfume
Sharon Lewis
Date Added: Monday 09 May, 2005
This product is definitely a best seller. The 1 oz. size is just the right size.

Goatsmilk Cream
Ian Estep
Date Added: Monday 25 April, 2005
I ordered the 20% Shea Butter Lotion 8oz bottle with medium buttercream as the scent. The packaging which isn't displayed on the website is a very attractive bottle with a flip top lid. The lotion goes on easily and absorbs nicely into the skin, leaving it soft and healthy looking. It really helps to treat cuticles!! I was hoping the scent of buttercream would be somewhat like Duwop or Jaqua, which are both somewhat cake smelling. This scent seemed to be more like a homemade buttercream scent, almost like a sweet milk scent. It was very pleasant however and I like how its a light and airy scent. I just placed an order for the same lotion but with the birthday cake scent, you can't find 20% shea butter in a 8oz bottle for this price! Duwop's Buttercream runs $17.00 for 4oz and it goes quick, while Jaqua's Buttercream will run you $20 for 5.6oz! I can't wait to smell the birthday cake and try all of there cake scents!

Goatsmilk Cream
Regina Bergen
Date Added: Wednesday 13 April, 2005
I ordered three different lotions and love each of them! They make my skin smooth without leaving that oily film that some do. I tried the scents:
Birthday Cake, which is delicious! Just like icing and cake!
Cake Bake, difficult to describe- but sweet and yummy!
Cherry Vanilla, LOVE it. Perfect amount of cherry and vanilla. Smells incredible!


I ordered the Ice Princess Fairy Holiday Gift Set.
Little Black Dress Shea Skin Glow - Swoon! I'm in love with this scent.  I keep opening the bottle to sniff.  I won't put any on because I have on my BK Hot Buttered Rum coconut shea butter and I spritzed "Lea" St. Barth Type (nice soft scent) on myself when I opened my LB box.  It's the EDP mister.  A freebie from Tanya along with some other items.  LBD is in my tope10 scents by LB now.  I think of it as a 'mature' scent.  Not floral and not sweet.  Sort of heavy, but not too much.
Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Hand Sanitizer - Smells just like the name.  Sort of stinky, though.  Oh's hand sanitizer and I can mask the smell with scented lotion.  My Lily Mango by Lalicious will do the job perfectly.
Stella Type EDP Roll On - Soft and floral.  Me likes!
Shadow Witch Goatmilk Cream - Smells exactly like Baby Magic baby lotion!  Seriously, it does.  I think it would layer great with LBD.  What do you think?  A keeper.
Welcome Home Wax Tart Cup - Cinnamon, nutmeg, baked goodness.  Perfect home scent.
White Candied Apples Cupcake Tart - I loved this scent the first time I ordered it earlier this year in a goatmilk cream.  A fave!
Vanilla Buttercream Crunch Cupcake Tart - Good basic vanilla scent.
Vanilla Amber Cupcake Tart - I'm going to need this scent in something that can go on my body!  I'm in love with it!  This may layer great with LBD, too.
Blackberry Musk Noel Tartlett (freebie) - makes me think of a Jolly Rancher.  I think I want this scent in a hand sanitizer next go round. Me likes!
Cinnabuns Tartlett (freebie) - Another great home scent!
Forbidden Pomegranate Shea Butter Body Frosting (freebie) - Why do I want to scoop some out and taste it???  I need a boo, y'all.  This right here...this right here...yeah....good stuff.
The Raven Shea Butter Body Frosting (freebie) - Very, very light scent.  I think I pick up a hint of something fruity in it.  May need to layer with something else.
And that's it!  Can't wait to play around in my stash this weekend.  I so want to place another order for some gifts (no one's getting any of this shipment), but...sigh...the delay.  I guess I can place the order and it will reach my recipients by mid-January.  I know my sisters and mom will love this stuff!  I was being so selfish this time around.