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About Us

LunaBlèu began as LunaBlèu Bath & Body in the 1990's after searching for a high quality moisturizer for the Airbrush Spray Tanning Salon. Tanya had a desire to create beautifully fragranced and high quality moisturizers and scrubs for the customers, Tanya enjoyed it so much she decided to open lunableu.    LunaBlèu offers high quality products in unique and interesting scent blends by Tanya. LunaBlèu provides handmade, custom fragranced bath and body products, made to order.

Tanya hand selects only the best fragrance oils available and uses pure essential oils in many of our blends. Essential oils are beneficial to the body in many ways, and are absorbed through our largest organ our skin as well as through inhalation.

LunaBlèu offers the finest moisturizers from around the world. The handmade custom scented products are superior to mass produced products because they are made in small quality controlled batches, utilizing the highest quality raw materials and  using as few chemical products as possible. Lunableu's clientele receive the utmost respect and attention. Lunableu was forced to close  after the devastation of Hurricane Rita to  home and business, but now  LunaBlèu Delicious Bath & Body is here with a whole new design and website for 2010.

Lunableu hopes you will enjoy the ease of use and the beauty of the new website from web designer Larissa at Girly by Design. Her collaboration has made this new website possible. Words cannot express how thankful Lunableu is for everything she has done to make this new website a reality. I hope you enjoy all of your experience with LunaBlèu Delicious Bath & Body. Lunableu always welcomes your comments so feel free to contact  at any time.