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At times LunaBlèu offers certain featured fragrances & products at a special price. These items are being promoted for a predetermined amount of time.


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Bath Scrubs

Indulge and exfoliate your skin with our luscious sugar scrubs!


Home Fragance

Fill your home with delicious aroma with our highly scented wax tarts & home fragrance oils.


Welcome to LunaBleu!



 Happy New Year

* Please note : scent descriptions are listed on 2 pages, some are under seasonal  and others on scent menu.  I hope it's not confusing,  you need to look at both pages to see all the scents we have.  Seasonal scents are generally our newer scents. 

NEW YEAR Sale 30% Off All Items


All orders will include a full sized gift 

Made just for you,  I look at previous or current orders and based on your likes , i make something special made just for you


* A Perfect time to stock up for the new year

* Our Dry Oil Mist Perfumes are now in larger 15 ml Frosted Misters, making them a great value and now can be used like a spray and go moisturizer.  I have even added the option to add sunflower or coconut oil (this adds more moisture making a heavenly silky way to moisturize, I use this myself after I bathe usually in our Clemenine or Mandarin scent.   I will be adding this as a new product soon

       (and we have added many new scents under the seasonal scents!)



New Scents & the return of some great scents!


Bewitching Brew

Bergamot Rose

Mandarin Lemon

Rose Noir (Bulgarian Rose, Bergamot & Patchouli)

Fresh Sugar Type

Kismet ( Blood Orange, Blackberry Musk & Patchouli)

Autumn Embers

Tihota Vanilla Type is back!

Spiritueuse Vanilla

Wood Smoke

Wood Vanilla

Marshmallow Bonfire

Angel TM Type

Kai Type ( The perfect gardenia fragrance)

Lemon Noel Best Seller!

Beach Type

Parma Violet

Buttercream Frosting (Best Seller Back in Stock!)

Lemon Buttercream Frosting

Pink Buttercream Frosting

Madagascar Violet

London Lemon Curd

Lemon Bergamot Orange

Beach Girl (Best Seller)

Got Milk ? Type (Best Seller)

RockCandy Lush Type

Pink RockCandy


Sweet Marshmallows (the perfect marshmallow)







New Scents & Scents Back in Stock



Featured Items